Baubau City Waste Management


Name; Salma

Illegal logging, uncontrolled use of plastic waste is one of the triggers. plastic waste, is waste that is difficult to decompose, so it is not uncommon for marine animals to be stranded and die, after being researched it turns out that they have ingested plastic waste.


Piles of plastic waste in gutters can also trigger flooding in urban areas due to blockages. Therefore, the Mayor appealed to all people to be wiser in managing waste and to care more about the environment.

awareness raising on caring for and protecting the environment, one of which is by holding a drawing competition with the theme Caring for the Environment for the Future which was attended by hundreds of elementary school students from SMP throughout Baubau City.


Waste generation which continues to increase will cause environmental damage. Apart from the environment, the impact caused by waste can be felt by the community. This research aims to

know how to dispose of waste in Bau-Bau City and its impact on society. This type of research is an observational study with a total sample of 2,630 taken with a proportional random sampling technique, the respondents are housewives aged 25-65 years.


The results showed that 53.8% of waste was disposed of in the TPS, 32.9% was burned, 5.9% was thrown into the river, 5.2% was thrown into the yard, 0.8% was thrown into a hole in the ground that was not closed, 0.7% was collected by the collector a recycler, 0.5% was dumped into a pit and closed, 0.2% was left to rot. The impact was 44.1% scattered garbage, 22.1% lots of flies, 21.9% lots of tiku, 20.9% lots of mosquitoes, 10.7% dogs and cats looking for food, 3.8% felt a bad smell which stung, and 4.1% of the drainage was blocked.


Conclusion Most of the people of Bau-Bau City throw garbage at the Temporary Waste Disposal Site (TPS), but there are still some who burn it, throw it around the yard, the river, and let it rot. The impact of the garbage disposal in the City of Bau-bau is the garbage that has been handed over, the presence of disease-carrying vectors, a disturbing stench and blockage of drainage.